My name is Carol and I welcome you to my Castle of  Hopes and Dreams.  Take my hand and I will lead you

through this mysterious paradise, a wonderland where wishes come true.  Don't be afraid to linger for this is a place

 where everything begins with "Once Upon A Time" and ends with, "and they lived happily ever after..." 

We create our tomorrows by what we dream today

so remember to always dream big

and don't  forget to stop and smell the flowers.


  On my pages,  you will see and hear things of beauty;  music, poetry, and graphics of all kinds.

First, I will lead you to something more precious than platinum  or jewels, "the lights of my life," my

granddaughters."  When I look into their eyes I see the greatest gift, the gift of love and my key to immortality. 

 They are the loves of my life, my own little princesses.

I will soon have my site filled with many wondrous things. Do come back and check it out.

You will find  surprises;  I love surprises and I hope you do too. 

Close your eyes and make a wish for I feel that

 If you  truely  believe

Your Hopes and Dreams Will Come True !

~~ Carol ~~


The music is

"Stranger In Paradise"

Recorded by

Tony Bennett


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