CareWolf's Den is a place for remembering. It is a place that celebrates our beloved  babies who have gone on  ahead to  wait at the Rainbow Bridge. It's also a place to come for comfort and sharing of grief. For although we know they are happy at the bridge,  our hearts are breaking.  Our  arms feel so empty,  for we long to hold them just one more time. .Remember this,  they are always near for they have left a piece of their hearts with us,  and taken a piece of ours with them.

We have lost the giver of unconditional love and trusting eyes. Someone to tell our troubles to, who always understood. Someone soft and furry who can warm our hearts with a little doggie or kitty smile. Someone who lifts us up when we are down, who guides us over stormy seas, and raises us to be more then we can be. They are in our hearts, and our hearts will go on, but we are missing the spark that came with our baby, our guiding light. We opened our hearts to love and now we must go on with just our memories.

This will be a special place with music and pictures; a place of sharing and caring. It is a site with links to pages  about pet loss and  the  wolves.  I  hope you find comfort here  and will come back and visit again as pages are added, or the waves of sorrow come  and you find yourself in darkness once more.  I pray that you will find light here that will guide you along the path until that day when you meet once again at the Rainbow Bridge.





Candle On the Water
Music and lyrics by Al Kasha & Joel Hirschhorn


I'll be your Candle on the water
My Love for you will always burn
I know you're lost and drifting,
But the clouds are lifting
Don't give up you have somewhere to turn.

I'll be your Candle on the water
Till every wave is warm and bright
My soul is there beside you,
Let this Candle guide you
Soon you'll see a golden stream of Light

A cold and friendless tide has found you
Don't let the stormy darkness pull you down
I'll paint a ray of Hope around you
Circling in the air, lighted by a prayer

I'll be your Candle on the water
This flame inside of Me will grow
Keep holding on, you'll make it
Here's My hand so take it
Look for Me reaching out to show

As sure as rivers flow,
I'll never let you go
I'll never let you go

I'll never let you go


My true loyal heart,

Climbed the stairs to the Rainbow Bridge

Monday Night, September 12, 2005

during the

Pet Loss Candle Ceremony.

as the glow from the candles lit  the sky.

"Sparty, Pandora, Loki, Mutzy, Brandy,

Magoo and Shezam (Our Dogs)

 Bijou, Peso 1,Peso 2,and Prissy, (Our Birds)

We miss you so much but you will always

be in our hearts. One day the road will go full circle

and we will all be together.

Never again will we part.







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Music is

 Candle On The Water Sung by Helen Reddy

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