Hayley Erin Mogul


It was a lazy August afternoon,
And the sun was shining bright,
When a bundle of joy came forth,
Which we welcomed with delight.

Rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes,
She was smiling a smile so sweet;
She laughed and wiggled with glee
With her tiny hands, and tiny feet.

She surely turned our lives around,
You could sense and feel her love,
She has added beauty to our home,
A precious gift,from heaven above.

She is a lovely addition to our home,
She is a bright and sparkling gem,
Lovely and beautiful, a shining light,
Continuous love flows out from within.

She is a flower of love in our garden,
She is the beautiful cloud in the sky,
She is the music that sings in our ears,
She is the sun that is shining on high.

She fills our home with joy and laughter,
She is our treasure to cherish and love,
And we thank our stars in the heavens,
That God sent us this angel from above.

İMack McGee



Music is "Circle of Life"

from "The Lion King"

This song was sung by Hayley

with the rest of the cast

in the 2005 production

of the

Lion King

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 The music is "Circle of Life"" from "The Lion King"by Disneyİ