If I must go and leave you behind in the darkness,
just know that my heart will vibrate with love for you;
and if you look in the far off mist you will see me as
the protector I have always been, standing tall.

I wait for the time we will be joined together again,
in the love we had before I passed to the other side.

If you need me just send a message on the rustling
wind and envision my face in the clouds and my arms
reaching out. I will always be there for you!

Until we meet again...

 İMack McGee

When a pale moon lights up the heavens with
a gleaming, incandescent, aura; casting eerie
dancing shadows across the blackness of the
night, and you're alone, afraid---just come to

When a chilling, wintry, wind rustles through
the windswept trees, which stand like towering
sentinels guarding a barren landscape, so cold
and bleak; and a diamond flight of geese on high
paints an unforgettable portrait in the sky, and
you need warmth---just come to me!

When you sit on a beach, looking out to sea, and
watch the rippling, surging, waves rush in; and
the oceans roar, and a breaking, pounding surf
permeates your very being with the power and
glory of nature; and you ride a high of beauty
so deeply felt; and you want to share---just come
to me!

When you see a loved one off at night, leaving
you, a tiny speck, so far behind; as you watch
the airplane, with its colorful, blinking lights
ascending into the darkness until enveloped by
the sky; and you know, deep within, that more
should have been said, or done, too late; for
solace---just come to me!

ever present mystery of who you are, and what
you are, and why you're here; and you feel you
just can't cope, you can't do more, can't do it
all; can't understand the confusion in your mind
which makes it hard to know which road is right,
which turn to take; for help---just come to me!

When the morning sings, and the flowers bloom,
and beautiful music fills the air; when you are so
alive, you want to dance, and run, and jump, and
play, and laugh; and see and feel the wondrous
things that happiness can bring within your inner
self; for joy---just come to me!

When you yearn, and want, and long for someone
else; to touch, to hold, to feel, to love, to care, and
share, and join two souls as one; to shrink the gulf
that separates, and prove the perfect union, two
then one; contentment, and total peace of mind; for
love---just come to me!

İMack McGee

In my heart a friend resides,
And in the corner of my mind--
I know that we are connected,
For now, and for all time.

Reflections and memories,
That are poignant and dear;
I sense you and feel you
As if you were here.

So know there's a friend,
Who stands behind you,
For the joy of your being,
And the things that you do.

The ties that bind friends,
Are too strong to sever,
Just love and emotion,
That go on "Forever."

İMack McGee

Little hands and tiny feet,
shy, and cute, and so petite;
little whimpers, little cries,
darling, little sparkling eyes;
outstretched fingers, wiggling toes;
God, how can you love them so!

Children chase away the gloom,
and sunshine fills most every room;
little mannerisms dear,
laughs of happiness and cheer;
you just can't know the joy of home,
until you have children of your own.

You feel so humble, deep inside,
and have so much parental pride;
you can't describe the joy and pleasure,
God has given with this treasure;
a million couldn't buy the joy,
the happiness, and love, sublime;
they're bundles straight from heaven,
and, Lord, they're really mine.

İMack McGee


To Ruth

The beautiful woman who inspired

these beautiful poems,

I thank you.

Forever Neale's Yellow Rose of Texas

There are so many wonderful poems

and stories by Neale (Mack ) McGee.

Please visit his site to read them

and view all of his wonderful graphics.

Mack I love you and miss you...

Carol aka CareWolf


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