I wrote this pledge during a time of inner

strife for the wolves. It was meant to

clarify just what being a wolf is and

how seriously we take being a member of this great family.


Over 6 years have passed since the "Pet Loss Wolves" were founded.

When we are in Pet Loss,

 we are representing the entire family of Wolves and  must do our best to make them proud.

 We donít discuss any wolf business in Pet Loss.

 We use Yahoo Instant Messenger and Yahoo Email  for all communication.

That is why it is so important for each wolf to have a Yahoo account and to submit your user name for the wolf list.


Remember we are there to help others not to display our

pride in being a wolf.

At the conclusion of your

"Ceremony of the Wolves"

you will be given your "Wolf Name."

You will be asked to sign out and sign back in with your new name.

 Wear your "Wolf Name" and furs proudly for you earned it by helping others.


Howl of the Wolf

When your wolfing is finished you will be asked to send:

~ Your Name~

 ~ Wolf Name you are given~

~User Name at Yahoo Messenger and Email~

~Fur-Baby's name ~ Bridge day~

~Your Birthday and Your Picture~



Now we will begin the




The Wolves are here to support those who are aching and bereaved because of the illness or death of a beloved pet. We help them to find their way out of the depths of sorrow and grief. We manage to care and share even when our own hearts may be breaking.

We stay up at night to wait for those who come for support -for those who are feeling pain and anguish do not go by the clock. We do it for no personal reward except the love we get from those persons we have guided along the rocky path, from the darkness to the light. But it is our hope that, if they depart, our imprint will always be in their hearts.

Becoming a wolf is a special honor. Nashoba Iki, our father wolf, created the Wolf Pack as a tribute to his great silver wolf, Pooky. Nashoba Mafo is our grandfather, the Running Wolf. He has now ascended
to the Great Wolf Spirit and guides us from above. Pooky tends our babies at the Rainbow Bridge while we take care of their parents who cry.

If you have been chosen to become a Pet Loss Wolf, you already know of caring and sharing, of giving of yourself to help others when you are needed. You have also known great sorrow from the loss of your beloved pet and followed a path from the darkest despair to a place where you can see a tomorrow.

You may have been guided to this place by a Wolf in Pet Loss for that is our goal. We say, "Lean on us until the day that you can stand on your own, and when you are strong be there for others to lean on." The Wolves are there for everyone including their fellow wolves -

 " The Wolf Pack."


 Everyone will sometimes feel the heartache again, or suffer a new loss and need and want the support of the wolves.  All will get our love and our caring.

What we ask of you is this: that you will be here for others-help them down that winding path and lift them up when the waves of sorrow return as they most likely will. We Wolves have waves of sorrow too and when they come our family is there to console us until we can once more make our way.


 The Wolves will never finish the job because the job is never ending. It just keeps going on forever and one day more. The faces may be different as they get over their grief and sunshine fills their hearts. They eventually move on but new ones take their place.

Just as you will pledge to help others
We vow to be here for you



Now we ask you to give your pledge as you take your place in our "Family of Wolves". Remember all wolves  who came before you and all wolves who will come after are caring and loving people and must be treated as such.

Will you honor the name that will lovingly be given to you and use it proudly?

Will you come to Pet Loss.com to help as often as you can in the Grief Room and on the Message Board ?

Remember this, the vows that you pledged with your heart, are written in the wind and branded on your soul.

© Carol Ross aka CareWolf   2004-2007











Our Family Of Wolves