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Pankanli loved to hear her Great- Grandfather’s stories. One day she saw her Great - Grandmother come into the tepee. She saw the spark that always came into  his  eyes when he saw her. She saw the little smile that played on his lips as he watched her and she wondered. How did their love begin? Why have I never heard the story?

She tapped(Great) Grandfather on the shoulder and he turned to her. “Is there something you want Child?” he inquired.

“Yes,  Grandfather,” Pankanli said. For so many moons you have told me stories and I have listened and learned the lessons that you so carefully hid in them. (smile) But there is one story you have never told me.”

“What is it child? Tell me what story I have missed, and I will tell you if I can.”

“Grandfather, it is the story of you and Grandmother. I am older now  and I wish to hear it,” said Pankanli.

Then Grandfather smiled at Pankanli. He told her that this was a story he had saved for her. He wanted her to hear it when she was able to understand it's great significance, and perhaps  emulate it in her own life. He had waited patiently for her to ask and now  that she  had,  he would be very proud to 
tell her this special tale of two hearts that beat as one. He pulled her onto his lap and the Great White Wolf came by his side and sat so he might also hear this wonderful story. There was another pair of ears this day,(Great) Grandmother was in the tepee too. She looked over into the eyes of her beloved and she smiled.

Many years ago I was a young buck who knew of nothing but having fun. I went with my friends and sometimes some of the maidens from the village on many adventures. One day, I saw a beautiful maiden  who I didn’t know. For the first time I lost my words-she was that breathtaking to my eyes. I asked my best friend who the maiden was. He said she was Chucka Pehlichi –a Princess from a neighboring tribe. I looked at her long flowing hair that shined like the sun- looked into her eyes as deep as pools I could get lost in.

I pictured how it would be to kiss her beautiful red lips and I knew. This was my true love-my soul mate. Never had I felt this way before. Always the forward one,  I grew speechless so enamored was I.  All I could do was look into her eyes-she saw me looking and looked back a smile on her lips. I was suddenly afraid. How could anyone as lovely as she love someone like me?

Little did I know that while I was looking in  her  eyes and drinking in the warmth that emanated from them that she was thinking," How handsome is the Prince of the Tribe, Hattak Nan Ithana, called the Running Wolf. My friends were right to bring me here to meet him. But how would that handsome brave love a maiden such as I?"

I edged closer as emerging  love overcame my initial shyness. She looked into my eyes then quickly glanced down as she had been taught to do. I came by her and with my hand  gently pulled up her chin so she was once more looking into my eyes. They were like the stars in the sky-diamonds glistening. I pulled her closer and she came to me. It was as if we were the the only ones there so caught up were we in our newly found love.  I placed my lips on hers and gently kissed her. Then I suddenly turned away thinking," Now she will be angry with me. How could I have have been so bold?"

She reached out to me and touched my shoulder. I turned back to her. She was smiling and I saw my love reflected in her eyes. And then we knew that this was  indeed true love.  We saw the future flash in front of our eyes.  We saw "The Visit" Our Wedding – our own tepee –the times we would spend locked in an embrace-how I would pleasure her and she me. We saw  children, grandchildren, and great- grandchildren  flow from our love. We  saw it all and we knew it would be.  The Great White Wolf came to stand near us. It was as if he were giving his Blessing to our union of heart and soul. We looked at him and then back at each other and we smiled.





The white wolf smiled too...



And so it was…..

May the warm winds of heaven
Blow softly upon your house.
May the Great Spirit
Bless all who enter there.
May your moccasins
Make happy tracks
In many snows,
And may the rainbow
Always touch your shoulder.



This page is dedicated to

Ruth and Neale McGee

in honor of their

59th Wedding Anniversary

Ruth~~ Forever and Always

Neale's "Yellow Rose of Texas"

June 22, 2005





With All My Love

Carol (Nashoba Ahalaia)











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