~~  The Spirit Of The Wolf ~~

From the Alpha to the Omega, each has their place in the pack.  The Alpha: big, strong, commanding, respected by the pack.  A true symbol of leadership. The Omega: quiet, submissive, the lowest ranking member of the pack yet valued highly by the pack as the instigator of play and fun.  The pack eats, sleeps, plays, and hunts as one. Each member to the pack quickly learn their place and join the pack helping to maintain a close knit family.

The wolf is a true victim of man's insecurity, haunted by the evil legends, tales, and fables, hunted to the brink of extinction.  There has never been a human fatality in the history of North America from a wolf attack. The Spirit of the Wolf cannot be broken, they have survived man's attempts to destroy them. Now they struggle to maintain their rightful place in the wilderness.  Maybe if man learns to understand the values of the pack, like the lone wolf that cannot survive without the pack, man cannot survive alone without his fellow kind.

Continue to fight for your survival,  Wolf Pack. Raise your young, bring them up in your footsteps, run Free, run Wild.

Maybe, someday,  your Howl to unite the pack will be heard everywhere..





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