The white wolf sat in the forest with his  future  mate.  He said, "I want to tell you about the powers the Great Wolf Spirit has bestowed upon us on this earth.  He explained to her how the woods had provided the wolves with food and homes.

She was awed when he  told her he wanted her for his soul mate. She was overjoyed when he said  that he would sing the sacred wolf song for her. He appealed to her to join him while he performed the wolf ceremony, which  would  join  them  as one forever more.  She nuzzled up to him to show her approval

As the Alpha Wolf sang,  the female wolf listened attentively.

He Sang,
"In my voice hear the hopes
and dreams that we will enjoy."


He Sang,
"I pass the powers I inherited
from my forefathers to you
and one day to our cubs
if we will be so blessed."


He Sang,
"In my eyes see the love and
affection that I hold for you."

He Sang,
"My head raises high to ask the
 Great Wolf Spirit to bless our joining."

He Sang,
"And I sing to the heavens,
 the stars and the moon."






And his  song floated on the sun's rays from tree to tree. When it ended it came echoing back from the mountains. When his song was over, it was as if the whole world listened for the white wolf to get his reply.

The white wolf and his mate waited a long, long time for a reply to his song but none came. Again he sang, humbly and as invitingly as he could, until his throat ached and his voice gave out. Suddenly he realized why no wolves had heard his sacred wolf song.

 They were the last of the wolves. There  were none left to reply.

The alpha wolf's eyes filled with tears for he could no longer give his loving mate faith and hope for their future. All he could say was, "We are finished." The white wolf and his mate left the quiet spot and started up the mountain, padding softly into the dark clouds above.

After climbing all night with his mate staying very close, the two wolves found a cave to shelter them from the winter storms.
  They lived there until the spring. Now there were four tiny cubs with them. When they were ready to travel the alpha male gathered up his family to head down to the valley below where food would be more plentiful. They began  their trek down the other side of the mountain.

After what seemed like a very long time they broke out of the clouds into dazzling sunlight and a beautiful valley below. They were astounded to see  hundreds of wolves; alpha male and female wolves, omega wolves and their cubs, all frolicking in the snow. His Wolf Song could not have been heard on this side of the mountain because of it's height. That is the reason he had heard no replies.

The two wolves raised their heads and howled to the Great Wolf Spirit above thanking him for their new cubs and for the rebirth of the wolf population. Their cubs also howled in delight.

Suddenly they heard the voice of the Great Wolf Spirit resonate on the winds . He said  "Wolves have been on  this planet called earth for hundreds of years, and although severely diminished  in numbers from time to time, we are survivors. We roamed the lands then, roam the lands now, and will populate and roam the lands forever more, into eternity. Have faith, for as long as there is a Planet Earth there will be wolves.   I have spoken."

The male Alpha wolf raised his head and  joyfully sang his song, loud and clear. He heard echoes from the mountains and a hundred wolf voices replying in kind. The alpha female nuzzled his ear and then, cubs in tow, they began   their descent down the mountain to join their family of Wolves.

And all was well.............

Nashoba Baleli and Nashoba Ahalaia





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